Relaxation Massage

Whether you are experiencing a period of stress in your life or you just feel like having some time for yourself, relaxation massage is a great experience.  Everyone holds emotional tension in their bodies – common areas being the muscles of the neck and shoulders, the jaw (teeth grinding and jaw clenching) and the digestive system.  During consultation we will discuss where you hold your tension and how best to address it.


Massage is proven to reduce the amount of stress hormones in the body,  increase our natural ‘feel good’ hormones and boost immunity (which can be compromised during stressful periods)   Using soothing techniques and specific pressure points, this treatment targets your individual problem areas and aims to leave you feeling calm and revitalised.

60 minutes: £55    90 minutes: £75


The best Hot Stone Massage I've ever had!


"I go to Juliet for complete relaxation, she does wonders with her hands! I have a mixture of relaxation & hot stone massage...I have been to numerous practitioners and I can honestly say Juliet does the best hot stone massage I have ever had!" 


Heather, Lower Parkstone