Hot Stone Massage

If you really want to switch off and ‘zone out’ then a hot stone treatment is perfect for you.  This is also a popular choice if you are thinking of purchasing a gift voucher.  A full body relaxation treatment where smooth volcanic stones are used to massage the back, arms, legs, neck and face. The stones are heated and when used to massage with have the feeling of ‘melting the muscles’. The flowing nature of this massage is calming to the mind, whilst the stones have a pain relieving effect, boosting circulation and enabling tissues to become more pliable.  Relax and experience the feeling of tension disappearing...


£65 for 1 hour and 20 minutes

"Will be visiting again"


 "If you've never experienced a Hot Stone Massage then you don't know what you've been missing! Today, I treated myself to this treatment in the comfort of Juliet's calm and tranquil setting within her own home. From the moment the treatment begins, Juliet manages to ensure that your whole body is relaxed with gentle massaging with the added bonus of the warm stones. It's an hour and a half of total relaxation releasing any tension leaving you completely de-stressed. I would highly recommend and will be visiting again soon. Thanks"


Fiona, Poole