Neal’s Yard Organic Facial

Three factors have led me to offering Neal’s Yard Organic facials. Firstly, as a massage therapist I am always struck by how much tension is held in the face and neck and how much better we feel if this can be released.  Secondly, as a woman of a certain age I have become very interested in what can be done to improve the condition of my skin as I get older.  Finally as someone with sensitive skin, I am aware of the vast array of commonly used synthetic products which are potential irritants to the skin and are often contained within (often expensive) skincare products.

Neal’s Yard organic facials use luxurious, award winning organic products to nourish and firm the skin, boosting radiance and reducing the appearance of fine lines. Facial massage targets muscles of the head, neck and face where tension is typically found, and uses techniques to gently ease away stress, toning the tissues of the face and inducing a deep state of relaxation.

During consultation we will discuss your current skincare routine, the most appropriate products for your skin type and where the massage can be most effectively targeted.

Neal’s Yard Remedies are an independent British company located here in Dorset and have the world’s largest collection of Soil Association certified organic health and beauty products.  Their products contain no synthetic materials – everything is plant based and natural which is why it feels and smells great.

If you would like to find out more about Neal’s Yard products please visit my online shop.  You can order directly from here or if you prefer I can order for you. Click here for my Neal's Yard page.


£50 for 1 hour

A sublime and deeply relaxing facial

"A sublime and deeply relaxing facial.  What I love about Neal’s Yard Remedies is that they are 100% organic and natural.  The products smell and feel wonderful on my skin.   There is something to suit everybody and I have found it really hard to decide which range I like the best!  The Rose Beauty Balm is a firm favourite.  I keep it with me and use it every day."

Vanessa Poole