Testimonials See what my  satisified customers have to say 

Professional and considerate in every way "After a hot stone massage, I slept like a baby for the first time in weeks! Juliet is brilliant at unravelling knots, which I had no idea were there! Professional and considerate in every way"


Lisa, Ashley Cross


I come away feeling fantastic! "Having had pain, knots & tightness in my shoulder/back area for months, Juliet Miller diagnosed that it was tension caused by stress and how I use my mouse at my desk. I had 2 sessions with her & my problem slipped away! Amazing, I see her regularly now & come away feeling fantastic!"


Hayley, Charminster



The best Hot Stone Massage I've ever had! "I go to Juliet for complete relaxation, she does wonders with her hands! I have a mixture of holistic & hot stone massage...I have been to numerous practitioners and I can honestly say Juliet does the best hot stone massage I have ever had!" 


Heather, Lower Parkstone 


I would definately recommend Juliet Miller! "I was recommended to Juliet during a bought of stress, after one massage I was hooked! She was lovely, very calming and I completely relaxed, it was bliss! I would definately recommend her to anyone!" 


Claire, Broadstone


I'd have no hesitation in recommending Juliet to anyone "During a period of intense cycle training I found Juliets massage to be highly effective in my recovery process. She was very professional, she made me feel at ease"


Richard, Bournemouth


I adore Juliet's massage " She has successfully treated a neck condition, but I still see her on a regular basis as I find the whole experience therapeutic and very relaxing. The hour goes by far too quickly and I’m always reluctant to go home”


Claire, Poole