Need a unique Christmas present? - A massage voucher provides the gift of nurturing touch

Show someone you care with a unique present

We all know someone who could use a massage because of their niggling lower back, aching shoulders or headaches but here are some other people in your life to consider:

  • Someone who spends a lot of time caring for family members but rarely has “me” time

  • Someone who is emotionally fragile due to a bereavement or relationship breakdown

  • Someone who doesn’t switch off from work and family commitments and is in a viscous circle of stress and fatigue.

  • An older friend or relative who doesn’t receive a lot of nurturing touch. Someone who lives alone and doesn’t have a lot of physical interaction – when we are surrounded by family or friends we take for granted a hug or an arm around the shoulder

Massage provides a space for people to stop, receive some nurturing touch and often re-evaluate and make small positive changes in their lives.

As you will know if you have had treatment with me, I carry out a full consultation with every client in order to create a unique massage providing an effective treatment for that individual.

How can I buy a gift voucher? Email or call 07946608093. Vouchers can be posted, collected (if you're local) or even scanned and emailed if you're last minute! You can pay via online banking or by


Let's face it, when it comes to this time of year we spend a lot of time desperately trying to think of what present we can buy that special someone. The truth is that most of us don’t actually need anything. With the huge variety of variations of everything possible on offer, what we do need we would often rather choose for ourselves than hope that Auntie Doris buys it for us in the preferable size and colour. It’s feels almost impossible not to get caught up in the merry go round of it all.

Increasingly I am trying to focus more on spending some meaningful time with people I love rather than worrying about what to buy....

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