Massage Treatments

Remedial Massage​

Remedial literally means to correct or improve.  If you are seeking massage because you are experiencing pain or discomfort in a particular area then remedial massage would be most suitable.  Remedial treatment uses specific techniques to target particular areas reducing adhesions within the soft tissue and improving mobility of the affected area.


Deep tissue techniques, trigger points and stretching may all be used, but always within the comfort level of the client.


Remedial treatment is often provided to people with shoulder and neck pain, headaches and lower back pain. Tension can build up over many years and is often due to occupational habits or stress.  A course of treatments is usually recommended which will include stretching exercises and simple lifestyle advice to help prevent similar problems occurring again in the future.

Massage for relaxation​

Stress affects all systems of the body and can manifest itself in a number of conditions such as muscle tension, digestive complaints, headaches and feelings of anxiety. Research indicates that massage lowers the amount of stress hormones in the bloodstream and stimulates the release of endorphins.Long effleurage and petrissage strokes are combined with pressure points to stimulate the nervous system to switch into a relaxed state. An aromatherapy diffuser is used to enhance the effects of the massage.


Hot Stone Massage

This deeply relaxing treatment works on a number of levels; mind, body and spirit, leaving clients feeling re-balanced and contented.This treatment uses deep penetrating heated stones, and alternates with chilled stones to bring about a chemical release within the body’s systems. Stones are both placed onto the body and used to massage with. Massaging the body using a hot stone provides instant heat to the tissues of the body. This has the effect of relaxing the muscles more quickly than in a conventional massage, allowing the therapist to work more deeply more quickly. The use of chilled stones reduces pain and inflammation, flushes out waste from muscles and re-balances the body before more heat is applied.As well as the physical effects this treatment also works on an energetic level to re-balance energy flow within the body. 


Massage Mondays for Mummies - no childcare, no problem !

I have teamed up with experienced nanny Emma Collier to provide what we believe to be a unique service in the Poole area.  We are providing a mobile massage service but with childcare included to cater for mums with children who are not yet at school.  

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Your first visit

On your first visit a full consultation is completed to determine how factors such as your occupation, family and health issues are contributing to your physical and emotional health. We will then discuss the most appropriate type of treatment to accommodate your needs. I pride myself on providing an individual treatment package to each client using whichever techniques are most appropriate.


Treatment may focus solely on a particular occupational related physical problem such as neck or shoulder pain, or could focus on reducing stress levels generally as part of a wider plan to improve wellbeing.


On a first visit you will complete a full consultation, there is no charge for this.
Holistic and remedial massage
• 30 minutes £20 • 60 minutes £35
• 90 minutes £50
Stone Massage 
• 1 hour 20 minutes £45
Massage Poole, Massage Bournemouth, Hot Stone Massage Poole, Hot Stone Massage Bournemouth, Juliet Miller Massage
Massage Poole, Massage Bournemouth, Hot Stone Massage Poole, Hot Stone Massage Bournemouth, Juliet Miller Massage
Massage Poole, Massage Bournemouth, Hot Stone Massage Poole, Hot Stone Massage Bournemouth, Juliet Miller Massage