Massage Mondays for Mummies
No Childcare? – No problem! 

I have teamed up with experienced nanny Emma Collier to provide what we believe to be a unique service in the Poole area.  We are providing a mobile massage service but with childcare included to cater for mums with children who are not yet at school.   

Whilst I provide the massage treatment Emma will look after your little ones.  Emma is an Ofsted registered fully qualified nanny (NVQ 3 in childcare learning and development) with 16 years experience. 

Sometimes those first years when the children are very young can be particularly challenging both physically and emotionally.  Our health and well being can be neglected as the primary focus is the care of the children.  From the bodily changes which take place during pregnancy, to childbirth, re-adjusting to being a mother, breastfeeding, lifting, carrying, sleep deprivation, the list of challenges goes on.....


The changing physical and emotional demands of motherhood can lead to a stiff neck, aching shoulders, lower back pain, and feeling depressed.

A remedial massage starts with a full consultation to establish what your particular issues are.  An individual treatment plan can then be agreed upon.  Remedial massage can help to reduce tension and pain and improve flexibility.  Stretching exercises and simple lifestyle advice can also be provided. Research shows us that massage can also reduce stress hormones in the body and reduce feelings of depression. Quality of sleep can also be improved as can immunity levels.

All that we require is a room big enough to place the massage table (imagine the size of a single bed) A visit is charged at £60 and will take 1½-2 hours.

If you have any questions about this service and would like to discuss it further, please call Juliet on 07946608093 or email