Empowering your staff with strategies to stay well

The Theory

Self care has always been part of my protocol as a clinical massage therapist.  Research demonstrates that helping people to help themselves enables individuals to have more control over their treatment outcomes. At a time when so many of us feel as though we are walking on shifting sands, this is more important than ever.

Working from home in makeshift offices, with all the distractions of homelife, can lead to a number of issues such as chronic lower back pain, headaches, repetative strain injuries, neck pain and stress.

Working with Jing Massage Training, the largest provider of post-graduate massage training in the UK, I am part of a pioneering movement to continue deliver treatment during these challenging times.

In Practice

​ A package of care is provided for staff to incorporate into daily life and includes guided stretching,  trigger point massage, mindfulness exercises and practical advice. Sessions  cover a range of issues such as lower back pain, headaches, neck and shoulder tension, repetative strain, and stress. 

Drawing on my years of experience as a teacher of massage therapy, I deliver clear content in a fun, interactive and collaborative style.

Sessions can be provided to groups of workers who are all experiencing similar issues such as neck and shoulder pain, or on a one to one basis for a more tailored package of care.

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